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Welcome, Friend! We hope you will find our message of progressive faith and service attractive as you explore the Quaker traditions and activities described here.

We invite you to attend meeting for worship any Sunday at 10:35AM.

NOTICE! Meeting for worship modifications

Because of the recent resurgence of COVID-19 in our area, Fairfield has returned to meeting by Zoom only, with the connection information available only by email. If you wish to be on the email distribution list, please send your contact information to "includeme (at)".

For those who could not attend, please see the recording of our most recent online meeting for worship

Please hold your friends and neighbors in the light during this difficult time.


This part-time position will focus on children, youth, and supportive ministerial services. A more extended description of the position appears here.

What We're Doing

CHAT ROOM (9:30AM most Sundays in the dining room) discusses a variety of stimulating topics.

PAYPAL CONTRIBUTIONS ACTIVATED: Fairfield Friends Meeting now has an electronic option for giving through Paypal. You may now send your donation to in to your PayPal account and choose the Send Money to a Friend option (since you aren't purchasing goods or services).

AFFINITY GROUP: MBeth Symons leads a Write Group at the meetinghouse. The focus of the group is memoir writing. Participants create their own life narratives, develop seeds for future writing, and learn techniques and strategies to becoming better writers. The Write Group also provides a forum for sharing writing. Meeting dates are announced as they are scheduled.

FIRST THINGS - Sponsored by WYM Quaker Studies Program

Are you or someone you know Generation-X or Millennial?

Join us in the Quaker Studies First Things program, where we are exploring the Quaker Faith and Practices of Generation-X and Millennial Quakers. The First Things program is designed to engage Friends with one another from across Western Yearly Meeting in hopes of establishing connections and promoting spiritual renewal.

The format is fully online and requires one hour of commitment per week. Space is limited.

CLICK HERE to register now!

For any questions, contact:

David Hanson

WYM Office

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