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Welcome to Fairfield Friends Meeting!

Welcome to our meeting for worship! We are grateful you are here and hope you'll find your time with us renewing and refreshing.

Friends Listen!

While some aspects of our worship are similar to other churches, there are a few unique perspectives to our faith. We live in a noisy and hectic age, making little time to reflect upon God's dream for our lives. Thus, a key element of our worship is silence, so we can hear God's voice within us, experience God's presence, and grow in our ability to love as God loves. But we do more than listen to God. We listen to one another. We share our sorrows and joys with each other, and leave with our burdens lessened and our satisfaction increased. If you need someone to listen to you, we're here.

Friends Believe!

While most churches have creeds and doctrines, which must be followed, Quakers believe God is at work in our lives leading us into truth. Here's what we've learned so far: We believe God is in every person. We believe the values and priorities of Jesus illustrate what it means to be authentically human. We believe God calls us to be instruments of peace and healing in a broken world. We believe the qualities of a life well-lived are integrity, simplicity, love, courage, faith, and reverence. We believe we should appreciate the past, without being enslaved by it. We believe God is at work in the world. We believe you are a delight to God.

Friends Act!

The Quaker William Penn once observed that true godliness doesn't cause people to shun the world, but enables us to live better in it. Desiring with God to see all people loved and cared for, we endeavor to be God's healing hands in this world. To this end, we commit ourselves to caring for the poor, comforting the sorrowing, loving the rejected, and growing in grace. But more than that, we encourage each other to pursue lifestyles and vocations, which reflect the priorities of God. We are teachers, healers, farmers, counselors, caregivers, and volunteers, endeavoring to reflect God's light and love in our daily activities. If you want to make your life a miracle, if you want to see a world restored, we invite you to join us on our journey!